Airbus Evolution Vol.1 (FSX)

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The `Pilot in Command` label suggests excellence and does not disappoint this popular package has proved one of Flight Simulator’s more enduring releases and has been enormously popular.

This huge collection of Airbus’ most widely used aircraft includes the A318, A319, ACJ, A320 and the A321 models.

The Airbus ethos of faster training and crew rating through keeping elements similar across airframes is rewarded here. Seated in the virtual cockpit, pilots familiar with the A320 will feel instantly at home, ready to face the challenges of flying these larger craft.

Those new to Airbus will enjoy the discovery that gaining skills in one, they are already well advanced for their next.

  • Weather Radar
  • Head Up Display
  • New Details Navigation Systems (including Navigraph support)
  • New More Detailed Systems Functionality and Alerts
  • Useability Improvements
  • Difficult Level Selection
  • Pushback Steering
  • Multi-Monitor Support
  • A fully integrated module allows simple configuration of the many features to suit preference.
  • Please note that this product requires online activation during installation!

System requirements:

Microsoft Flight Simulator X/Flight Simulator 2004
Windows XP/Vista 32bit Edition/7 32bit/64bit Edition
Processor (CPU): Pentium IV 1.4 Ghz
RAM: min. 128 MB
Graphics Card: 64-128MB
Hard drive space: 990 MB (Flight Simulator X)/950MB (Flight Simulator 2004)